SINNEDDONUT and AdmiralBulldog Break Up

Streamers, Sinneddonut and AdmiralBulldog breakup according to Sinned's latest stream on twitch. In her 2 and half hour stream, there are parts where she admits to being single again and "new doors open when others close". 

The long time streamers have been together for a good while but recently has been seeming more and more distant with each other ever since they were back from their some-what holiday.

Sinneddonut talks about drinking on a previous stream due to certain difficulties. 

Since AdmiralBulldog likes to keep his personal life separate from his stream/work life, he has kept his cool and hasn't said a word about the situation.

Even though the words "breakup" weren't officially used in Sinneddonut's stream, it's very sad to hear about the couple taking different paths. No more information about the breakup has been given apart from the Sinned saying she's single again. 

This might or might not be a shock to AdmiralBulldog/Sinneddonut fans since she's still in Sweden for the time being. 

In most likelihood, no public information will be released yet or ever about the depths of their relationship such as what happened or who broke up with who or if it was a decision made by both since it's between the Leii Hubbard and Henrik Ahnberg.

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