Did Singsing find a new girlfriend while traveling?!

Did Singsing find a new girlfriend while traveling in Malaysia? Speculations are leaning to a yes according his Instagram picture.

So, who is this mysterious girl that Singsing is holding? Nobody would know unless you’re either with him in Malaysia.

The image is of Singsing holding a girl in his arms while she shy’s away from the camera.

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With over 10k likes and 900 comments, this isn’t going unnoticed by Singsing fans.

If the girl wasn’t of some level of importance to Singsing, why would he post an image of a random girl with him on his profile? To Jebait his fans? We think not. If it wasn’t of some significance, why would Weh Sing post this image on his Instagram then share it on his Facebook and Twitter?

Let’s weigh up the evidence.

  • The mysterious girls face isn’t shown but it’s clearly shows she her shying away from the camera while Singsing is holding her in an intimate state
  • Singsing hasn’t streamed in a little while since he “caught on kind of flu” while on his travels which indicates he’s with other people
  • He’s been held as a hostage for his Instagram and other social media profiles (the last point was a joke)

Does this mean Singsing has a new girlfriend? Possibly. Only time will tell for those that want to know.

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