Dota 2 Farming Tips

So, you’re looking Dota 2 farming tips huh? When it comes to farming on different roles, it’s all about farming efficiency and timing. Knowing the timing for jungle/neutral creep spawn time and dealing with oppositions while laning will help you dramatically increase/decrease your GPM (Gold Per Minute) which impacts your team and game.


Below are the things to farm faster as well as different tips on how to lane, items to lane successfully, the types of positions, principles of timing and finally, tips from different pros.

NOTE: items could change or differ with future Dota 2 patch change. Even with the changes, the principles still apply as it has done since the times of the original Dota, as a mod on Warcraft 3.

I wanted this to be a timeless piece so I’ve left out specific strategies, higher level items, specific timing and most hero names. It basically covers the principles for effective farming and laning.


Every lane requires specific items to lane and farm efficiently until positions one-three. Horizontal lanes need decent sustain along with survivability and/or extra creep damage items such as a quilling blade/item talon.

dota 2 farming tips


If you’re playing safelane, offlane, or as a melee in midlane, you’ll need an item that does extra damage to creeps until you reach your first real item. The extra-creep-damage item will help you last hit better.

Items –

  • Quilling blade
  • Iron talon
  • Circlet
  • ​Blight stone
  • ​Bracer
  • Null talisman
  • Wraith band


Having damage reducing items may not seem like much while in-game, but if you add up the damage you could have blocked/dodged, it quite a bit.

List of items –

  • Poor man’s shield (PMS)
  • Stout shield
  • Magic stick/wand
  • ​Ring of protection
  • Observer/Sentry wards
  • Wind lace
  • Faerie fire
  • ​Enchanted mango
  • Infused raindrop
  • Teleportation scroll
  • Boots


Depending on what hero you play, you’ll need a decent amount of sustain, especially on the offlane and required if you’re playing a melee hero on the offlane.

Items range from –

  • Tangos
  • Salves potions
  • Clarity potions
  • ​Soul ring
  • Aquila ring
  • Faerie fire
  • ​Enchanted mango


It also depends on your peripheral equipment. You can check out the best keyboard for dota 2 or the best mouse for dota 2. The better equipment you have, the more edge you’ll have compared to the someone with a budget keyboard or mouse.


Dota 2 is pretty much based of timing. There’s the timing for your spells, jungle timing, timing for creep stacking, timing for different phases of the game and there’s even the annoying last hit timing!


pulling time for offlane safelane and creep camps

You should always be timing your last hits relative to the level of damage you can output. This is an obvious thing and should be common sense when you’re entering the dreaded Elo rankings. Consistently missing creeps could slow down your farm dramatically.

When a match is just starting, it’s crucial to gain as much advantage as you can by farming as effectively as possible.

So how do you gain as much advantage as you can? Time your last hits.

If you miss 10 creeps within five minutes, that means you’ve slowed down your farm by ~500 gold. Missing that small amount of farm could mean missing an important item in a team clash or missing out on a team fight because you’re still farming.

Last hitting is a massive factor that gets over-looked, especially when you’re starting out. If you have a higher Match Making Rank (MMR), then you know having a high last-hit rate can path the way to winning your game.

Practice your last hits on all heroes you play!


Always keep an eye out for the elusive range/mage and cart/siege creeps. Because the back-line creeps hit the hardest, watch their attack animation so you judge when to get that last hit in.

The key thing is to watch for the attack animation of the creeps when you’re going for last hits. Getting in at the right last hit timing during each wave in the laning phase is crucial to how the game could turn out.

As you level up, farming becomes easier because your damage is increased but that doesn’t mean you can be lazy and start auto attacking. It’s still important to maintain a high creep count especially when you jump from lane to lane.


Tower timing is much more challenging because of the high out-put of damage in comparisons to lane creeps within the Dota 2 world. Creeps chip away at the damage of opposing because of the low output of damage on individual creeps while towers do bigger chunks of damage due to the high-damage output which makes it harder to hit under tower-range.

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You should also be aware of the amount of time you’re spending in the jungle. If you have the advantage over the other team you should be taking their jungle and stealing their neutral creeps while warding their side of the map so they can’t get the jump on you.

It doesn’t matter if your hero is a natural jungler (e.g. Enigma, Lycan, Enchantress, Chen, Axe etc) or not, spending too much time in the jungle it could also lose you the game because of the lack of pressure you’re putting on the other team. Giving the other team space to farm is obviously going to make winning much more difficult.

Pro tip: if you have map control, farm the enemy’s jungle and leave the weakest neutral creep alive to block creep spawning. You might miss ~40-50 gold but missing that small amount could lead to the opposite team losing MUCH more.


When you’re playing a match of Dota 2, there’s are different positions and roles to play. They range from

  • caret-rightPosition one(hard carry, core)
  • caret-right
  • Position two (carry – midlane)
  • caret-right
  • Position three (carry – offlane)
  • caret-rightPosition four (support)
  • caret-right
  • Position five (hard support)

Positions three – five should be making space for positions one and two because without at least one hard farmer, your team isn’t going to gain momentum.

That’s not to say position one should sit in lane or jungle and farm the whole game, that’s game losing and irritating for the team. If there’s a clash, be ready with a TP (Teleportation Scroll).


There’s a big difference between opting in as a carry as being placed into position one. When you’re opting in to carry, that means you’ve claimed that roll and you’ve voluntarily raised your hand up and said “I’ll carry you up this hill, no matter how steep”.

While being placed into the position one means you’ve drawn the short straw and now you have to carry the team no matter what. The only thing is, you have to rely on your team more because you might not know specific timings or be able to lane to max efficiency.

Carry’s should, theoretically have the most farm in the game while the rest of the team makes space by taking towers and ganking heroes in other lanes.

Position one’s are usually the hard hitters, the one who does the most Damage Per Second (DPS) towards the other team.


dota 2 items for offlane support carry and support

While offlaner and safelane’s farm could differ greatly, midlaning is usually pretty balanced because it’s a 1v1 situation (most of the time). Even if you die a couple of times, you could still make a comeback, depending on the match up. On the other hand, if you’re consistently dying every minute during the initial laning phase, it’s obviously going hinder your chances of winning and should start ganking or jungling.

Since it’s a 1v1 scenario (most of the time), you should be pulling agro and denying as much as you can for effective farm and to gain as much EXP as possible.

Melee heroes

Melee heroes are going to have a harder time within the midlane because of the constant changing creep equilibrium. Melee heroes such as (just to name a few) Dragon Knight, Juggernaut, Brew Master are more prone to die if ganked because they have to reach further for last hits.

If you’re constantly getting ganked or denied as a melee hero, you should rotate from lane to jungle as much as you can to raise your farming efficiency.

Range heroes

In comparisons to melee, ranged heroes are much easier to play as a midlaner, they can agro pull, deny and avoid ganks at a better rate. Farming is also easier since you can hit creeps from a distance.

Each hero has their own unique turn rate and attack animation. If you play a ranged hero, you should be aware of your heroes turn rate as it can make or break your last hitting efficiency.


The way best way I understood Dota 2 offlane

  • It’s the horizontal lane of the map
  • The feed lane
  • ​Heroes with escape/engage mechanism are best suited for the lane
  • ​Needs decent sustain and farming items like Quelling Blade and/or Poor Man’s Shield (PMS)
  • Prevent opposing core from farming as much as possible

As an offlaner, your main job is to disrupt the opposing core from farming as much as possible while trying not to die. You’ll need decent sustain with either a quilling blade/iron talon or at least a poor man’s shield to get the most out of your lane.

The most effective way to farm is by agro pulling, neutral pulling or by going back and forth between lane and jungle. The best time to farm is when the lane starts pushing. Creep equilibrium could be pushed back to under tower meaning you’ll have to last hit with the tower attacks, but that’s where the quilling blade or iron talon are going to help the most.

The key thing during the laning phase is getting as much experience as you can and not dying/feeding. When it comes to farming as an offlaner, most of it comes later when skirmishes happen or by jungling.


dota 2 supports offlane carry

Unless you’re playing Enchantress, Chen, or Enigma, the chances of farming are slim. The time’s when a position four or five can get farm is when they creep pull or when they have a successful gank from kills or bonus gold from assists.


It’s a hard life as a support. Even though supports won’t farm, they should be stacking neutral camps, warding/dewarding or harassing the other team to help their cores farm faster and more efficiently.

Supports path the way for success in each match. While the other positions farm supports setup/protect other positions, creep stack, give vision, provide true sight, give sustain, and are the ones that TP in when they’re needed the most.

The Yin and Yan between the supports and other positions are essential in winning matches, it’s hard to win without good fourth and fifth positions. Carry’s drive the car while supports provide the vehicle.

If you’re matched up with good support, show them some appreciation.


The best Dota 2 farming tips would be to creep pull, agro pull and stack as much as possible for all lanes.

No matter what lane you play, agro pulling can be very powerful during the initial laning phase. It gives extra last hits and more EXP, especially for offlane or lanes with hard match-ups.


1. No matter what hero or position you play, you should always watch the time for stacking. If you’re jungling, you might as well stack so you can gain more exp and gold.

2. Since Dota 2 is always changing and evolving, we can’t provide you with accurate timings for stacking camps. The best we can do is let you know creeps spawn during the xx.00 mark of the timer. To find the neutral boundaries, hold alt.


1. Agro pulling is when you make the creep wave focus you by right clicking on the enemy hero. It initiates the creep defence mechanism to defend the lane hero.

2. Use this to your advantage by activating the defence mechanism then running back towards your tower to pull the creeps closer to you for last hitting and more easier experience.


1. Pulling the lane creeps helps supports gain extra exp without taking your laners experience. It also provides gold and denies EXP for the opposing laner.

2. Timing of pulls could change with future patches so to time it right, you’ll have to test and watch other players.


tip from dota 2 professional players

Tips to improve your game Dota 2 overall.


This goes without saying but try not to die. Dying could set you back a few needed minutes for your next item. If you know you’re going to die, try to trade your death. Stay hidden from the map so the opposite team won’t know where you are.

There’s a different between dying as a carry and dying as a support. It won’t matter as much as a support but if you consistently die on a higher position, it could be detrimental. Play safe with good vision.


Giving your opponent a rune could mean giving them an advantage. Not only can they refill their bottle but it can also hurt you by giving them a decent rune.

The map has been upgraded to provide more runes in different places which means filling your bottle is easier.


Dominate your lane by constantly harassing, pulling denying and ganking a winning lane. The more pressure you put on that lane, the more space you can provide for you or your carry.

Watch the other lanes. While wrecking one lane, don’t neglect your other lanes if they constantly tower diving or if one of your higher positions are feeding.


Teleportation scrolls are one of the most essential items in the game yet most people neglect to carry one around at the most important parts of the game. Always carry a TP when you can afford one.

You never know when if the enemies are going to tower dive or set up a gank, always carry a TP with you so you can counter-gank or at best save your team from feeding.


If you want to get better at Dota 2, watch replays or watch professional players play the game. Watch how they interact with each hero and try to focus on when they do something good or something horrible.

By analysing professional players, it gives insight into how to play the game in an effective manner, when to go in, who to go on, how to last hit with different heroes, when to fallback, who to prioritise in clashes, what items to buy and different types of build they choose to go.


Don’t spam spells to farm if you can’t sustain yourself or if your skills have a long cooldown. If your hero has a AOE spell, use it sparingly to farm. Let your mana regenerate before spamming another spell.

Using your spells to farm could mean consistently going back to your fountain or using your shrine when your other teammates needs it the most.

Conserver your mana and use it wisely!


At the end of the day, Dota 2 is just a game. Even if you’re climbing the MMR ladder, you should remember it’s just a game and it won’t impact on anything you do unless it comes to Dota 2.

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