CS GO Mouse and Video Settings

CS GO Mouse and Video Settings

We've compiled a small list of CS GO mouse and video settings required for higher level game play. Necessary things are knowing where to change different sensitivities and what they mean. Things covered are the basic of basics and some uncommon video setting knowledge. It also glosses over launch options, the ones we think are the most important for competitive gameplay and a small part on changing windows for frag movies.

​There are a multitude of settings with different variations of settings so not one setting fits all. All the professional CS GO players have different requirements that suits their playing style. You can only do that by understanding the basics and trying it out yourself. 

The basics - The essentials

When it comes to playing competitive CS: GO you must have the very basic configurations and settings down before entering any scrim, Faceit, ESEA or Matchmaking. 

If you have have your basic configurations sorted, it gives you a competitive edge over your opponents. ​It also trains or primes your fingers, hands, arms and mind to remember the same settings so at any time you're entering a match, your body's already used to the basics.

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When you look at the professional CS: GO player settings, are they the same? No. Some of them differ on a large scale. If you're just starting out, we recommend different settings to your equipment. Test out sensitivities, windows settings, game settings and different player configurations to find which one fits you best and stick with it. If you've already found one that suits your playing style then great, never change it. Consistency is key.

CS GO mouse and video settings

Mouse settings and configuration for CS: GO

There are three mains types of mouse sensitivities you have to adjust for effective game play. It can be annoying to change when you're just getting started but if you're hooked on CS: GO then this is must by changing these three different types of sensitivity.

  • ​Computers sensitivity
  • DPI for your mouse
  • In-game sensitivity

Computer Sensitivity 

Also known as

  • default windows sensitivity
  • windows sensitivity​

1. Open your windows search box and type in “mouse” or access it through control panel: right click lower left windows icon > Hardware and sound > Devices and printers > Mouse.

windows search option for mouse csgo

2. Uncheck the “Enhance mouse pointer” AKA mouse acceleration.

3. Change motion speed to 6/11 (directly in the middle) and never change it.

csgo computer mouse settings

Most professional CS: GO players such as GeT_RiGhT, niko, ScreaM etc. leave their windows mouse sensitivity (enhance mouse pointer AKA mouse acceleration) at six. It’s a good even place to remember and if you’re ever changing computers, you should always to change the default mouse sensitivity to six with the enhance mouse pointer unchecked.

DPI (Dots Per Inch)

Another type of sensitivity is DPI which comes with the different software along with the a decent gaming mouse. DPI basically means Dots Per sq Inch. Dots = pixels and pixels = the quality on your screen. The higher your resolution and lower the DPI, the more tracking (mouse drag) you'll have to cover over a distance. It's another way of determining your sensitivity. We've written a descriptive article about what to look for when you're searching for the best mouse for cs go.

Common associations are

  • DPI (Dots per Inch)
  • CPI (Centimeters Per Inch)
  • PPI (Pixels Per Inch)
  • eDPI (DPI x in-game sensitivity)
  • ​Depending on what mouse you have or going to buy, it'll most likely come with firmware to adjust the DPI or CPI (most likely DPI). 
  • Most players use 400 DPI. We recommend finding your own DPI to suit you.
  • eDPI is your "true" sensitivity.

In-game Sensitivity

This is the same with all the other settings, stick with one and never change it. 

To access console, you'll have to enable it through cs go or through your steam launch options. To lower confusion, we've enabled it through CS: GO instead of going through the steam launch options tree. Toggle "Enable Developer Console (~)" to "Yes".

After you've enabled it, press the ~ button (beside 1)  to access console and type in "sensitivity" to set it to anything you like. I personally use "1.337" because it's easy to remember. 

 enabling console through cs go
 cs go sensitivity

Key Points

  • There are three types of sensitivities you change
    • windows
    • DPI
    • in-game
      • eDPI means your "true" sensitivity
  • If you're ever changing computers remember to use the same settings.
  • Find a sensitivity that suits you and NEVER change it.

Note: these are common settings but not mandatory. Play around with the sensitivity to find one that suits you. 

Why Lower CS GO Video Settings Helps

So you’ve played around with your csgo video settings and by played we mean you copied some professional player without knowing what they actually mean or do. The default settings are to make the game look good, making your computer take up more power and giving you low FPS. As a competitive CS: GO player you don’t need everything to look pretty, you need effective gameplay.

best csgo video settings

If you don't know what the advanced options mean or ever looked up csgo video settings, here's what they mean:

Global Shadow Quality -

Model / Texture Detail -​

Effect Detail -​

​Shader Detail -

Multicore Rendering​ -

Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode -

Texture Filtering Mode - ​

FXAA Anti - Aliasing - ​

Vertical Sync - ​

Motion Blur - ​

Unless you have a state of the art rig, everyone would recommend you to have the advanced settings low. We agree, have all the advanced settings on minimal. Even though the game looks poo poo, it'll greatly increase your competitive gaming style.

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These are the some basics that everyone has go to through if you want to make it in the professional CS: GO world. Understanding these small things will help you in the long run. 

Aspect ration and resolution

resolutions and aspect ratio for cs go

As you may already know there're the three main aspect ratio for CS: GO

  • 4:3
  • 16:9
  • 16:10​
  • 21:9 (uncommon)
cs go different aspect ratios

Everyone and their dogs have their aspect ratio set to 4:3 but does that make you play better?There's a common misconception that keeping it at 4:3 does make you play better but in reality, it doesn't. With the evolution of Counter-Strike and changing technology, having it set to 4:3 can hurt your game play. Every CS: GO player has a different computer with different settings so not all computers are suited for 4:3. You could potentially miss someone sitting in smoke because of 4:3. 

The advantages of 4:3 is higher FPS. Having more Frames Per Second means you can respond faster. ​But this depends on your rig. At the rate of changing technology, 

Doesn't black bars help?

To a certain degree, yes. You have to keep in mind there's a relationship between aspect ratio and resolution.  Aspect ratio determines the size of the game-view while resolution controls the quality through the amount of pixels. You know when you change the quality on a youtube video? When you increase the quality, you're adding more pixels. Black bars balances out the pixels (dots) on your x and y axis.

You know that thing you did in school... Maths? The majority of people might remember the x and y graphs, well, here's where that knowledge comes in handy. Ever wondered why some cs: go professionals play with black bars? No black bars means "stretched" meaning you have to move your mouse further along the x axis there're more horizontal pixels. While the advantages of black bars are it balances out the pixels on the x and y axis making your tracking (mouse drag) even. Check here to find our best monitor for cs go.

So where did this misconception come from?

When Counter-Strike 1.6 was still the go-to-game, ​with it's very limited graphics, having it set to the smallest resolution had some advantages because it made everything seem bigger making spraying and tapping more effective and seemingly accurate. Just like having the giant crosshair in 1.6 made your spray control better. But since CS: GO is somewhat more advanced, it doesn't make sense for everyone to have their aspect ratio set to 4:3.

 cs go aspect ratio.

The advantages of 4:3 is higher FPS. Having more Frames Per Second means you can respond faster. ​But this depends on your rig. At the rate of changing technology, things like aspect ratio and resolution are synchronizing in better ways. Having higher resolution, maximum aspect ratio with decent FPS might be just around the corner.

Play around with your video settings to see what suits your computer, yourself and your playing style. All the pros do it. Players like Hiko changes his resolution and aspect ratio frequently. For decent competitive cs: go, you need low advanced video settings with good resolution and aspect ratio to gain that little advantage over other players.

You might be looking for different peripherals like different headsets. We've done a review on the best headsets for cs go.​

Key Points

  • Higher advanced settings takes up more Frames Per Second (FPS).
  • For competitive CS: GO, leave everything on low or disabled EXCEPT for Multicore Redndering
    • Multicore Rendering allows CS: GO to use up more CPU power giving you more FPS
  • Aspect ratio and resolution work hand in hand. 
    • Decent resolution and aspect ratio is required for higher competitive game-play.

Super Handy Useful CS GO Launch Options

For all ya'll noobs asking how to open your cs go launch options then here's how.

1. Right click on Counter-Strike: Global offensive > Properties​.

cs go launch options

2. Select the "Set Launch Options" button.

cs go launch options refresh rate

3. Copy and paste in the recommended launch options in the box.

cs go launch options fps

Main Launch Options

+exec autoexec.cfg -console -novid -high -threads 4 -tickrate 128 -nod3d9ex1

+exec autoexec.cfg

  • Tells CS: GO to use the autoexec.cfg file. The game might load with incorrect .cfg files. Nothing major but it might not load your selected file. Set this to make it run correctly.


  • Brings up console when you open CS: GO. You can enable in CS: GO or through here. Doesn't matter which way.


  • Turns off the annoying CS: GO intro. Instead of spamming ESC a thousand times each time you open the game, just add this command.


  • Tells your CPU to set the game to "high" priority so other background tasks won't slow your gaming down.

-threads 4

  • This depends on the amount of CPU cores your computer has. If you have more than 4, set it to that number. The more cores CS: GO can access, the higher the fps.
    • e.g. -thread <number>​

-tickrate 128

  • ​Mainly used for server and offline purposes. By default, servers work on 64 tick. The number <64>, <128> is how many times the server will update PER SECOND. This launch option is best for practice with bots and LANS. 


  • Makes the game ult+tab faster by disabling directx9 rendering.

Other Launch Options Optimal for CS GO

There are certain launch options that don't work or are out of date according to CS: GO. The listed are the ones still useful and might help you.


  • Removes joypad option. Free's up the smallest amount of RAM.​


  • lv means "low violence". Different versions of CS had low violence settings. CS: GO also has this option. It'll reduce blood and change hostage animations. 

-refresh <number>

  • ​Tells CS: GO to use the maximum refresh rate for smooth gameplay. You have to know your monitors refresh rate. If you have a monitor under 144hz and set launch options to 144hz, it'll use your monitors maximum refresh rate.
    • e.g. -refresh 144, -refresh 120, -refresh 60

-fullscreen note:if you add -windowed to launch options with -full screen, -fullscreen will be ignored.

  • Game will load with fullscreen

-language <language>

  • Tells CS: GO to use a certain language
    • e.g. -language english​




  • These three basically turns off windows sensitivity and mouse acceleration. 

If you're doing editing or making a video, windows mode can come in handy.

-windowed / -window / -startwindowed / -sw

  • Game loads in windows. Followed by these commands
    • -w [width]
    • -h [height]
    • -x [horizontal position]
    • -y [vertical position]

We'd advise to use the -w and -h first if you're just trying it out. Then use the -x and -y


  • Removes borders on windowed mode.

Other Launch Options

More launch options from valve.

Note: less means more

If you have too many launch options it could slow down your PC or make game play rough. More could mean less. As we said before, it could vary from PC to PC. Try out different variations of what works and doesn't work. You can change most of the settings in-game. Just make sure it doesn't impact your competitive advantage. 

Key Points

  • Use these selected launch options
    • +exec autoexec.cfg -console -novid -high -threads 4 -tickrate 128 -nod3d9ex1
  • Depending on what you're doing, you should optimize your CS: GO.
    • e.g. competitive gameplay, making movies, trolling, etc.
  • More could mean less. Make sure your rig works the the launch options.

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