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Thinking of being a pro gamer?

Knowing all there is to know about the best gaming mouse is necessary for any decent player. As you know being a cs go player doesn’t come easy. After putting in the time and energy into this game you might as well keep going into being the best of the best.

Your next level

The information provided is for anyone looking for extra knowledge about their gaming equipment. We’ve been through the process of being on stage and winning a couple of small tournaments to tell you about stuff necessary to bring you to your next level.

God damn mice

Because team dynamics are different, we’ll only be informing about the importance of certain equipment, in this case your mice and why certain aspects are important for up-ing your game. When it comes to other genres of games, there are different mouse’s suited for fast better tracking, speed and control but when it comes down to it you need to understand the importance of why you need a different gaming mouse for each genre. One does not fit all.

Ever heard of the best mouse bungee?

The best mouse bungee to ease the irritating tug on your mice. Gamers of the day consider a mouse bungee as one of the most important elements for their mouse. Though a large section of them have already bought a bungee, some are still confused as to which one to choose since there are a […]

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