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Dota 2 Farming Tips

Post Views: 179 So, you’re looking Dota 2 farming tips huh? When it comes to farming on different roles, it’s all about farming efficiency and timing. Knowing the timing for jungle/neutral creep spawn time and dealing with oppositions while laning will help you dramatically increase/decrease your GPM (Gold Per Minute) which impacts your team and […]

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Interested in the best keyboard for Dota 2?

Post Views: 687 Recently, a reddit sub turned into this raging debate about the best keyboard for dota 2. On one side, there were the pseudo-experts out to trash every theory or suggestion made by some of the guys who live, eat and breathe Dota 2. That includes me by the way.And on the other, […]

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Searching for the Best Mouse for Dota 2?

Post Views: 538 Read this before buying the best mouse for Dota 2. There was a time when people had to study diligently, pass out from a reputed school and then from a university before applying their skills to impress interviewers which ultimately resulted in getting their jobs. But what happens nowadays is that you […]

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