Bububu under rated player Jebaited

Is Bububu and under rated player and streamer? If you’ve been around the Twitch Dota 2 community long enough, you would have heard of the name Bububu.

In our opinion, Bububu is a highly under rated streamer and player since, from what we can remember, she’s been streaming for as long as AdmiralBulldog, is just as consistent, has partied with a couple of the top Dota 2 streamers many times and is also a pretty decent Dota 2 player.

With the whole Nara catfishing scandal going on, people are asking if Bububu is also a catfisher. Here’s the evidence we weighed up -

  • Her social media profiles aren’t set to private like DOTAgasm’s
  • She has been around for a long time which proves dedication
  • She’s met other streamers and at least one of her mods IRL
  • From what we’ve been told, she’s streamed with face cam once or twice
  • A small community has been built around streaming schedule
  • She has above average MMR which means she wants to be known as a gamer instead of a “gamer girl” (we’re assuming)
  • She once stated that she’s a “solo streamer” which means she doesn’t need other streamers to boost view count

Is Bububu a catfisher like DOTAgasm? Most evidence points to no.

Was Bububu in contact with Nara? Yes, just like many other people. Does that make everyone a catfisher? No. One bad apple doesn’t mean a bad batch.

With over 2 million views, consistent streaming, and having built a small community, it proves Bububu is dedicated and is not here to SCAMAZ anyone. From what we can tell, she’ll try to answer most questions Twitch chat but since gaming and monitoring chat can be difficult, not all questions can go noticed.

One of the most entertaining aspects about her stream are the BabyRager’s and flamers Bububu gets queued with. If someone starts flaming or complaining about teammates, she’ll tell them to (in the summed up way) “Shut the Fuck Up and play”. Since most Dota 2 players don’t know what to do when they hear a girl’s voice, they usually give in and listen.

But wait there’s more…

While summing up the evidence, we’ve also found Bububu to be a pretty decent Dota 2 player. She can lane effectively while being able to communicate and make calls when needed.

We noticed her skills while Bububu was a standin for a team during the PGL minor qualifiers here and here. Even though it was a 1-1, win-lose, she made some good plays with her POTM.

Most players tilt and BabyRage when they’re losing while Bububu continues to play even if she’s at a disadvantage.

If you don’t believe use you can check out Bububu’s stream.

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