Only the best mousepad for CS GO and FPS

If you have a decent mouse for FPS games then you need the best mousepad for cs go and FPS games to go along with it. If you are a hardcore gamer, then it’s no secret that a great gaming setup needs to have certain elements like a decent rig that matches innovative peripherals like a gaming mouse and awesome keyboard. So, how much significance does a gaming mouse pad have in satisfying your gaming needs and taking your experience to new heights?

The answer is quite simple. It simply depends on how much available space you have, the kind of games you prefer, how you organize your table or desk, and the list goes on. In short, it includes the other uses you have with your keyboard and mouse beside gaming.

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Best mousepad for cs go

Razer Vespula 

Razor Firefly Chroma Custom Lighting Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

Razor Firefly Chroma 

Razer Manticor - Aluminum Gaming Mouse Mat

Razer Manticor

Razer Destructor 2 Hard Gaming Mouse Mat - Optimized Tracking Surface Mouse Pad Preferred by Pro Gamers

Razer Destructor 2 

Corsair Gaming MM400 High Speed Gaming...

Corsair Gaming MM600 High Speed Gaming

Popularity of Gaming Mouse

One of the major reasons on how gaming mouse pads have become famous is the availability of various sizes to select from. Hardcore gamers will know the importance of using the best mouse pad for cs go and the room to easily steer or move freely using a gaming mouse. This is a huge plus for gamers with regard to using the standard 5-inch office type style pad. It is great, no offense, but this mouse mat can never be a great tool for playing games.

You can get brand new mouse pads easily and bigger ones will provide a barrier to secure the top of the desk from various sources like scratches and other kinds of wear. Now one fact that you can’t ignore is that many gamers always prefer the easy means of supporting their mouse and keyboard at a single space. No doubt, the smooth and layered cushioned surface can become a good and safe resting place for your arms, thereby providing comfort while staging a balance with the tiny imperfections present in the desktop.

Do you know there are many kinds of gaming mats which can easily absorb the vibrations caused from striking of the keys of your mechanical keyboards? Many best mouse pad for cs go manufacturers take into account of various keys to improvise the entire gaming experience like the low surface friction. It provides the DPI gamers more precise and smoother movements.

5 Best Mouse Pad For CS GO

1) Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat

If you are on the lookout of selecting between control and speed, then check out the Razer Vespula Dual Sided Gaming Mouse Mat. This is the preferred mousepad by pro gamers.


• Double-Sided Mouse Mat

Sometimes you need to consider factors like individual needs before choosing a gaming mouse mat. Irrespective of whether you want destroy and kill your foes using high-power glide speed surface and you can get ultimate precision using the “Control” surface, the Razeer Vespula provides the correct surface suiting the playing style of yours.

• Speed

One of the best parts of using the Razer mouse is its speed surface. This mouse is incredibly flat and smooth. Sometimes you might feel that the mouse is moving across the whole surface without any hindrance. Such kind of mouse pad matches gamers who are able to play efficiently and hit targets quicker.

• Razer Synapse

Now the Razer Synapse is one of the cutting-edge proprietary tools allowing you to easily calibrate your mouse mat and mouse. Here, the surface calibration feature will make sure that the mouse gets used to specific surface colors, textures, and the distance from the sensor, thereby ensuring that you get faster and better gaming response.

• Wrist Protection

The Razer mouse has a soft gel-filled wrist rest, which secures your wrist from fatigue and injuries. So, it means that you can enjoy longer gaming sessions like never before.

• Improved Tracking Surface

Do you know that the Razer Vepula has a dual surface? This was specifically created for improved tracking by a group of scientists of Razer. Furthermore, professional gamers made the Razer Vespula go through many hours of extreme gameplay. This is done to validate tracking surfaces, especially for playing tournaments.

• Best Control Surface

The control type of certain Razer Vepula is tough. The presences of a rough surface help in creating a sensation which causes resistance in the mouse movement. Now, this is significant, because the given friction created from the surface which is textured will control the energy that is created while the mouse moves. This will ensure that there is a precise minute movement. Frankly, these mats are suitable for gamers who are in need of great precision to easily hit targets as per their requirements.

Best mousepad for cs go

2) Razor Firefly Chroma Custom Lighting Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

If you want a customized and steady gaming mouse pad, then Razer Firefly is what you might feel handy.


• Micro-Textured Surface

To gain the perfect balance between speed and control, the Razer Firefly has a robust micro-textured finish. This provides a pinpoint an effortless speed and pinpoints accuracy. Also, the consistent and precise surface makes sure that your every mouse movement is converted into cursor movement, thereby helping you to enjoy the best precision while being in action-filled gaming duels.

• Ultra-Thin

Sometimes it can be tough for your mind to select between brains and looks. Now the best part is that you don’t need to. Having an optimized reflective surface along with a micro-textured finish that provides fast in game responsiveness, no doubt, the Razer Firefly is simply engineered to deliver the best. It provides the best and uncompromising precisions which come handy in some of the toughest gaming duels. Now, effortlessly, you can gain victory all the time.

Furthermore, this Razer Firefly has Razer Chroma customizable lighting, which makes it one of the first and best gaming mouse mats having boundless personalized options. Besides that, it is easily compatible with other Chroma run Razer devices. So, it means that it allows you to choreograph some of the best and impressive spectra of effects, bringing a personal playstyle.

• Customizable Colors

You can get a whole level of personalized feeling with the presences of 16.8 million colors and various customized lighting effects. With the presences of the lighting effect on the right, left and bottom of the Razer Firefly, you must synchronize with other Razer Chroma run devices. So, it means that your gaming experience is complemented with an attractive and stunning display of effects and colors.

• Sensors and Sensitivity Settings

As the Razer Firelfy is validated by eSports athletes, it is engineered to provide a complete and easy control irrespective of what kind of gaming mouse or the sensitivity setting that you are using. The lab-tested coating provides an interactive reflective quality, which provides one of the best game responsiveness.

• Synchronization of Inter-Device Color

Irrespective of whether it is one of your guild colors or favorite shade of green, the Razer Chroma provides the entire freedom to choose. Sometimes it can be either one, four or forty-three colors which are filled with a spectrum of outstanding visual effects that provides 16.8 million colors. Using the inter-device color synchronization, the Razor Chroma-enabled gaming weapons will blend together easily.

Razor Firefly Chroma

3) Razer Manticor – Aluminum Gaming Mouse Mat

One of the best and commonly used optimized tracking surface mouse pads is the Razer Manticor. Most of the pro-gamers really use it and are intrigued by the extensive features it has.


• Grade Aluminum

The Razer Manticor is designed from a sheet of the best and robust aircraft-grade aluminum. This is stamped flatter and smoothens to provide a great unhindered glide.

• Microscopic Texture

The entire surface of this mousepad is created from a lab-developed microscopic texture. So, it provides the best consistent and fast sensor readings. Furthermore, there are no interrupted issues with tracking and in-game jitters while using this mousepad.

• Comfortable to Use

One of the best parts of using Razer Manticor is that it is ergonomically quite comfortable and helps in reducing the wrist strain. So, it means that you can continue to win games and that too for a longer time.

• Slim

The Razer Manticor is cut thinner, thereby providing a slim profile which can easily meld your desk.

Razer Manticor - Aluminum Gaming Mouse Mat

4) Razer Destructor 2 Hard Gaming Mouse Mat

If you are looking for an optimized and easy to use a tracking surface mouse pad, then the Razer Destructor 2 is a perfect choice. This is one of the common mouse mats preferred by pro gamers.


• Validation

The Razer Destructor 2 is validated by some of the world’s top pro-gamers. Also, it features one of the best and highly reactive surface coatings, which gives the perfect balance between speed and control.

• Micro-Texture

The presences of micro-texture at the surface of the Razer Destructor give the best balance between speed and control.

• Non-Slippery Rubber Base

The mousepad is designed using a non-slippery rubber base. This helps in keeping the mat fixed to a certain spot, irrespective of how hard you try to swipe it. In short, nothing can throw you off your game.

• Reflective Quality

Presences of small silver flakes embedded on the surface help in heightening the reflective quality of the mousepad. This, in turn, delivers a rapid in-game and best responsiveness.

Razer Destructor 2 Hard Gaming Mouse Mat - Optimized Tracking Surface Mouse Pad Preferred by Pro Gamers

5) Corsair Gaming MM600

This mousepad gives accurate and fast mouse tracking that is suitable for serious gaming. Also, the presences of a rigid polymer and micro-texture surface are optimized because of the gaming sensors and assists in making sure that there is consistent and precise tracking.


• Rubber Base

The Corsair Gaming MM400 contains a non-slip natural rubber base. It helps in ensuring that the rubber base is secured while the most intense and interesting gaming session are going on. Also, the mousepad is one of the best high-performance and low-friction mouse mat that is easily optimum for gaming sensors.

• Polymer

The surface of the MM400 is created from a high-quality and long lifespan polymer. Also, it is easily tuned to provide the best glide characteristics without compromising on the control. So, you have both pixel-precision shots and consistent snap targeting.

• Tuned Microtexture

Now the presences of tuned microtexture surface help in optimizing the gaming sensors. So, it helps in providing a better glide feeling without compromising on the accuracy and control.

• Secure and Stable

The MM400 is extensively secure and stable. Also, the best part is that the mouse surface won’t move right in the middle of the firefight, as there is a no-slip base which provides the right amount of cushion. Also, since it is created from natural rubber, there is no harsh chemical odor present.

Corsair Gaming MM400 High Speed Gaming...

Features To Look Out For In Quality Gaming Mouse Pads

1) Materials

A standard mouse pad is created from common and lesser density rubber composites. These are covered by a fabric which is combined with the upper surface. Most of the high quality and best mouse pad for cs go are designed from plastic, layered density rubber, glass, high-tech fibers or aluminum along with layered construction for smoothening and leveling tracking.

2) Durability

Because of the repetitive wear and friction, always select either a cloth or hard rubber mouse pad which has reinforced or anti-fray stitched edges. This provides a comfortable and long-lasting usage.

3) Sizes

Keep in mind that nowadays there are various mousepads that come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. It simply depends on the model and brand and can extend to tiny, medium, large, extra large and more.

4) Thickness

Now based on your preferences and personal feel, you can select among the comfort of a thin mat, thicker or somewhere in the between. Also, it can range from 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm in hard plastic and cloth.

5) Compatibility

Another aspect you need to think about is compatibility. Most of the popular mousepads design pads which are compatible and specific to what their brand stands for.

6) Dual Sided

Nowadays, there are various gamers who simply want to switch between control and speed. You can easily get gaming mats which are two sided. One will have a smooth-textured side that is apt for high speed and fast glide. Another one is a heavy texture which helps in improving accuracy.


Frankly, there are various branded and best mouse pad for cs go. But it can be a daunting task to select the one that you like. Of course, it is not easy, but still, you have to keep in mind your requirements before you choose the one. Different gamers have unique likes and requirements, so what one likes, might not be apt for others.

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