Searching for the Best Mouse for Dota 2?

Read this before buying the best mouse for Dota 2. There was a time when people had to study diligently, pass out from a reputed school and then from a university before applying their skills to impress interviewers which ultimately resulted in getting their jobs.

But what happens nowadays is that you can work wherever you wish to, or to put it simply, one gets paid for anything that they do, even professional gaming. Yes, you read that right. You get paid for playing game, and of course winning them, achieving a significant name for yourself and for your country if the level is high enough.

While one may argue that hardcore gamer is one who practices all day long and does smart gaming, it is always not your ability that defines how good a gamer you are, but the hardware that you use. Once you become a gamer, the first and foremost thing that you take care of is getting your hardware sorted. One of the most important input devices required to become a better gamer is a good mouse. Be it swerving past enemies while gunning them down or playing MMORPG games on the internet, a good mouse with a perfect Dpi setting can be the crucial factor.

Gaming mice are technically a little different than the local mice. The extra buttons provided at the two sides are one of the extra features of the gaming mice. There are both the wired and wireless versions available for these; the wireless has to be connected with the plug in USB in the port for the mouse to function.

The looks

The name

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best mouse for dota 2 g502 proteus core

Logitech G502 Proteus

Logitech G400s 910-003589 Optical Gaming Mouse

Logitech G400s

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Razer Naga

Razer Naga


Razer Nega Hex

While there are numerous massive games in terms of gameplay, that have to be played with precision and perfection in order to complete, the racing genre does not involve much of the mice work and is limited to keyboards and its arrows only. But the action and adventures requires heavy usage of both the keyboard and the mouse. As mentioned earlier in the article, a good mouse can be the deciding factor between you and your counterpart having equal skills.

best mouse for dota 2

The first game that comes to the mind when we talk about immersive gameplay is DOTA 2. Finding the best mouse for dota 2 can be a little difficult, particularly when you have to be absolutely precise while moving and shooting. The ‘tap-shoot’ is one of the most widely used tactics in Dota 2, which means to aim for the neck and shoot the head using the recoil of the assault rifle, getting an easy headshot and dominating the leaderboards. But, without a good mouse, it is not at all easy. While there are quite a few mice that promise the best gameplay using it, the gamers have to be extremely specific while choosing their hardware.

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If you are into gaming but are unaware of what a good mouse will consist, continue to read on. Although gaming mice are not cheap, trust me, they are worth all the investment, and the good thing about it is that it is a one-time investment (unlike the local mouse, which hardly comes with a guarantee period and is vulnerable to heavy and constant clicks). Let us now dive a little deeper and take a look at how to choose the best gaming mouse and what to look for.

When you're looking for the best mouse for Dota 2

While there are gaming mice of different genres like RTS, MOBA, FPS, RPGs, etc, there are quite a few all-purpose mice that will suit the need of all the above mentioned genres of games. In this article, however, we will talk about some of the best MOBA gaming mice, covering all the things that you need to know before you invest in one.

· Figure out your position 

Though it may not seem important now, but the way you hold your mouse can be extremely essential once you get used to your gaming mouse and that is why the first thing that you need to look for is knowing your grip in the first place and adjusting to it in the gaming variants.

· Measuring your movements

The second thing that you want to do is to get a rough idea how much movement you make while moving with your mouse. Some gamers have the tendency of covering big distance with their mice, while other prefer to lift and put, reducing the movement of their mouse. Know which one you prefer.

· Genre of Games

The genre of games you play is the third most important aspect in choosing the perfect gaming mouse. Since we are talking about the MOBA genre, look for bulky mice with numerous buttons on the sides of the mice. They give you an excellent grip and provide with numerous buttons for firing and excellent precision, and is perfect for firing off complex skill rotations and down-to-the-second precision.

· Type of Buttons and Placement

I have already mentioned before that for having the best experiences of MOBA games and to get the technical and tactical advantage, the mouse has to be and must come with lots of buttons on the side panels to give a better accuracy when firing round-about shots and headshots with pin-point accuracy.

These cover some of the basic things that you need to know before you invest on gaming mice which are suited for MOBA games. However, taking all the above discussions into consideration, let me make it all the more easy for you to choose by taking a look at some of the best mice around the world, which is perfectly suited for MOBA games.

Dota 2 equipment

1. Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse

Logitech has been in the top when it comes to gaming mice and keyboard. Not only are their products durable, but also customized in such a way that it becomes an instant favorite among users. Logitech has put everything into this mouse and has made this the best as far as gaming mice are concerned. With surface tuning calibration, this mouse can adapt to any surface giving you the best control.

The weight and balance tuning is a bonus, that is not there in any other mouse, lets the user optimize the feel and the performance. 11 programmable buttons ensures that MOBA gaming gets the first priority with easy programming according to the needs of the user and clicks at insane speeds.

DPI can easily be shifted from 200-12000 and can be downshifted for the best sniping experience and the enhanced dual scroll feature gives the user high accuracy and maximum speed while scrolling. Customers have given overwhelming response to this small beast of a product, and with high ratings, this gaming mouse is currently dominating all leader-boards. Also, the fact that this mouse is compatible with every OS gives the users all the more reasons to invest in this.

2. Logitech G400s Optical Gaming Mouse

Needless to say again, that Logitech is currently dominating the leaderboards as far as gaming hardware is concerned with keyboards and mice. This G400 series sits in the second position and has been ranked with best by customers. The Exclusive 4000 DPI Delta Zero Optical Sensor is the first of its kind in the gaming mice and is built for consistency, high accuracy and precision and of course, to get your headshots spot on.

The gaming mice comes with 8 programmable buttons, which ensures that the user can easily remap and bind the buttons according to their needs and can be used to perform single or multiple game commands macros with just a simple click. This mouse too, comes with an adjustable DPI from 400-4000 and can be changed without interrupting the gameplay.

The sleek and comfortable design has been perfectly blended with durability, and the comfort grips ensure that the user gets all their shots on target. The 20 million clicks capacity ensures that you have high probability of running out of bullets faster than the number of clicks. The good thing for all the customers, according to their reviews is that this is supported by all the major Operating Systems.

3. Razer DeathAdder Chroma- Multi-color Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Razer is another brand that has left no stone unturned in scripting their gaming mouse. With the sleek, stylish and ergonomic design, this mouse fits perfectly under the palms of the user and gives the best gaming experience and customers have credited this mouse for picking them up for crunch and dangerous situations, where the battle intensity is high.

The Optical mouse is equipped with a 10000 DPI, with a capability to move in speeds up to 200 inches per second. The optical sensor has been beautifully and perfectly calibrated in this mouse as found by the customers. Whether the user is moving at low or high speeds, this mouse adapts to your style of play and gives the positive and quick response, thus giving the user perfect precision and exact accuracy.

The DeathAdder is also capable of tracking the Z-axis and lets itself adapt to any surface, be it the top of a table with no mouse pad, or a coarse mouse-pad with crests and troughs. The tracking gets immediately cut-off when the user lifts the mouse, and benefits the users if they are playing a low-sense game. Another prospect that has made this the best selling mouse is the different color customizations that are available for this mouse to go with the color of your track-pad or the table top.

4. Razer Naga 2014 Ergonomic MMO Gaming Mouse

The second best mouse that has been put in Razer’s list is the 2014 Ergonomic Gaming mouse. Coming with a similar shape and grip type, this ergonomic mouse too is an easy fit under the palms, but the new feature that has been missing in all other Razer gaming mice is the 12-button thumb grid that has been fitted with mechanical switches and is capable of giving audio feedback, if the user is in a tense battle and lifting their eyes off the skin can prove to be fatal.

Another interesting feature according to the users is the movement of the cursor in this mouse. In all the other mice, we have seen that the movement is solely restricted to up and down scrolling of the cursor.

But in this mouse, the cursor can also be used to move left and right, which gives you an additional coverage in travelling lost distances and changing lanes and is particularly effective against MMO gaming.

Another scintillating feature in this mouse that is a favorite among the customers during a recent survey is the ability to customize and program all the buttons that are present in the mouse according to the needs of the user for a better gaming experience, making this one of the favorites among customers.

5. Razer Nega Hex V2 MOBA PC Gaming Mouse

The features have not been essentially and perfectly packed in this mouse, yet this mouse has been considered one of the best when it comes to MOBA gaming.

The presence of 6 large buttons on the side of this mouse is an extremely important addition and makes it perfect for MOBA gaming. The optimized thumb buttons are also made for action RPG games, giving high precision and accuracy.

The USP of this mouse has however, been the build quality of it. Looks solid as it is, the buttons have been strategically well placed and the quality too is not disappointing with the number of clicks ticking a healthy 250 clicks per minute.

The software that has been pre-installed is the Razer Synapse 2.0 and is essential in functioning with the basic operating systems and to the users’ delight, this mouse is compatible with all the operating systems in store. The 11 highly programmable buttons are a nice addition to an otherwise fair enough mouse. The 5600 DPI with a laser sensor has been a particular favorite for most of the customers and the customization featuring Green LED lighting gives it an additional flair besides its design.

These conclude the list of some of the best gaming mice for dota2 that are currently available in the market. Choose wisely before you invest in one.

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