Ever heard of the best mouse bungee?

The best mouse bungee to ease the irritating tug on your mice. Gamers of the day consider a mouse bungee as one of the most important elements for their mouse. Though a large section of them have already bought a bungee, some are still confused as to which one to choose since there are a wide number of options available. So, over here we have discussed about the leading mouse bungees of the time. After reading this article you will surely have an idea of the features and benefits that a mouse bungee can provide you and will also be able to make your choice.





ENHANCE Mouse Bungee Cord Holder and Active USB Hub


Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Galeru Mouse Bungee


MECO(TM) Mouse Bungee Mouse


best mouse bungee


Here are the benefits that the best mouse bungee can provide you


End to the Hassles

The dragging and snagging of the mouse cable is one of the common problems faced by most of today’s gamers. This does not allow the gamer to utilize the mouse properly and may not allow him or her to concentrate fully on the game. A mouse bungee comes in handy in such a situation since it allows you to clamp the wire of the mouse.

Switching Set-ups is Easier

The cable can perform all the functions while remaining attached to the bungee. So, the functionalities remain the same, only the hassles are a reduced to a large extent. Even if you are switching set-ups, you will be able to get a constant “mousing” environment.

Longer Duration of the Cable

A mouse bungee also helps the cable to retain its shape and texture. It is a common experience with gamers like us that the mouse cable is subjected to wear and tear with regular usage. With the use of a bungee, this can be reduced to a great extent and maintenance of the cable will no more be an issue.

Reasonable Cost

Many people think that a bungee would pinch a hole in their pocket but that is not true at all. A number of models are available at affordable price ranges. One can pick up the one that suits their budget. So there’s no reason to think that buying a mouse bungee would be a waste of money. By spending a fair amount, you can cause a huge difference in the game.

A Constant Environment

Another commonly observed problem with the gamers is the switching of place. As they move from one place to the other, they are found to have problems in tackling the wire. With the usage of a bungee, this problem can be reduced by creating a constant mouse environment.

 mouse bungees for cs go


A mouse bungee is meant for precision. You can surely use your mouse without it. But you cannot have the precision without it. The scenario can be best explained by drawing the example of a power steering. A power steering, as we all know, is not necessary for a car to be driven. However, it adds precision to the car and helps you to drive it in a smoother way by putting in a little less effort. The concept of a mouse bungee is exactly the same. It will come in handy to people who are experiencing trouble with their mouse cord or are expecting a better performance.

The Feel-Good Factor

They also increase the feel-good factor associated with the game. With a visually striking bungee, your gaming setup would look better and you will be able to play with more enthusiasm.

Considering all this reasons, buying a mouse bungee is definitely not a bad decision to take. Now, the question arises- which mouse bungee would be the better one to buy? There are endless options available in the market that will leave you puzzled.

Here are the features that a mouse bungee should offer and depending on these, you can select the best-suited one for yourself:


· Compactness

This is one of the most important features on the basis of which a mouse bungee is judged. After all, no one would want to bear the hassles of a bungee of too large size or a one that would create more problems rather than reducing the same.

Moreover, this type of bungee will also help in saving space.

· Clamping arrangements

The provision for clamping is another factor on the basis of which a bungee is judged. A top-notch mouse bungee should definitely have proper clamping arrangements and adequate number of ports for attaching the different devices to it.

best mouse bungee cs go

· Portability

A good bungee must also be portable. This will help you to carry it to any place of your choice for the purpose of gaming. This mainly depends on how easily it can be disintegrated and also the size.

· Visual appeal

It is needless to say that the best mouse bungee should be great in terms of look as well. It should not make the gaming setup look ugly and rather make it more aesthetic. It should inspire the gamer to play the game with more enthusiasm. And this can be achieved by a sleek design and the usage of LED lights which will make the mouse more dazzling.

Again, some bungees are of plain, simplistic design and can be used by people who prefer that office-like look.

· The Type

There can be different types of mouse bungee but the one you should choose or consider to be the best will depend on your preferences. For example, for some of the gamers the razor type mouse bungee is the best since it has better anti-slip features.

· The Arm

The arm of the best mouse bungee should be made of a suitable material such that it is rust-resistant. It should also have a spring arm to allow the maximum cable flex.

ENHANCE Mouse Bungee Cord Holder and Active USB Hub – Boost Gaming Accuracy by Eliminating Cable Drag

The first candidate in the list of our nominations for the best mouse bungee is the ENHANCE Mouse Bungee Cord Holder and Active USB Hub with Blue LED Lighting. This bungee has been specially designed for Dota 2 , League of Legends , World of Warcraft and Battlefield. It is undoubtedly one of the best bungees available in the market for the purpose and is surely capable of increasing your chances of winning the game.


The most striking thing about this mouse is the lighting arrangement that is featured by a number of LEDs. The different parts of the mouse such as on the tower, mouse and headset are all suitably illuminated and you are free to customize the lighting with the help of a power switch that is present at the base.

The flexible silicon bungee arm is one of the most prominent features of this mouse. It helps in suspending the cable of the wired mouse and ensures that it does not cause any distraction during the game.

It also has three non-slip rubber pads at the base which provide a strong grip to the mouse and keep it fixed in its position during the game.

The Active USB 2.0 HUB present on the base of the mouse helps the gamer to change the power devices and peripherals according to his requirements.

User Reviews

The visual appeal of the product along with its effectiveness has impressed a number of users. Since there are as many as four ports, users can effectively use three of them, while using the fourth one for their system.

Most of the gamers have expressed happiness about the fact that they have been relieved of the hassles of using a cord and can now concentrate on the game better.

However, a few users seem to be dissatisfied with the improper functioning of lights. They often start flickering and get dimmed when multiple devices are plugged in.

Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Galeru Mouse Bungee for Gaming Mouse 

It is a simple yet effective mouse bungee with a strong magnetic head that is easily detachable. It is capable of holding the rival’s cord very strongly which gives it an edge over its competitors during the game.


It is backed by some extra-ordinary features such as easy transportation so that you can even enjoy playing offline.

It is also highly flexible and quite stable.

User Reviews

The users seem to be quite happy with the product. People with snagged cord have found the solution to their problem in the Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Galeru Mouse Bungee since it is much flexible and free of hassles.

Another feature of the mouse which has made the users happy is its versatility. It can be used to play against a variety of mice such as Zowie FK1, Mionix Naos 7000, Logitech G502, Logitech G303, Razer Mamba Tournament Edition and Razer Deathadder Chroma.

Also, in spite of being highly flexible, the mouse is heavy enough to remain in a particular position and does not get disturbed unless a considerable amount of pressure is applied.

However, some users seem to be dissatisfied with the mouse because of its inability to play against their preferred mice or because of some design flaws which have led to certain limitations in the functionality of the product.

The mouse has been created to solve the problem that arises due to the entanglement of wires during gaming. The clip part of this mouse bungee is designed in such a way that it can meet the requirements of angle.

MECO Mouse Bungee - Mouse Cord Management 


Among the various features this item has to offer, its versatility deserves mention. It is highly compatible with CS and CF. It can even be paired with a wireless mouse.

It is not easy to move the bungee from its place and it remains fixed in its position, thanks to the heavy weight and the three rubber feet at the bottom part.

It uses a simplistic design which allows you to carry it easily from one place to the other.

User Reviews

A large number of users have been happy to use the bungee. Some of them have stated that they used to experience problems tapping the cord to their desk, the system or any other suitable place around them. With the advent of this bungee, it is not a problem for them anymore.

The overall design and quality of the bungee has impressed almost all of the customers and they are happy to have bought the item.

It is quite easy to use the mouse and installation process is also quite simple.

So, as you can see, the bungee has received mainly positive reviews and overall it is can be a great option for the gamers…

Razer Mouse Bungee - Mouse Cord Management System

The Razer Mouse Bungee is a small, compact bungee that helps in saving a lot of space and reduces clutter while gaming. If you are looking for a mouse bungee that would help you to keep the cord off the ground, this one is your thing. It is characterized by some great features such as:


It has anti-slip feet which prevent it from slipping off and helps in achieving a better grip. It makes the product highly stable. Another great property of the mouse is it will allow you to control the cord in a drag-free manner.

User Reviews

The users have loved almost everything about this bungee, for instance the slits are in the appropriate positions and the mouse cord can be properly fitted there. Those who have been experiencing problems with their mouse being snagged along the desk have been relieved.

However, many of them have experienced design problems which would definitely go against the credibility of this product.

To sum up, it can be regarded as one of the best mouse bungees of the time, considering its great features.

So this was an overview of the best bungees available today. You must take the final call only after going though the pros and cons of each and after taking your requirements into account!

As a whole, it is pretty evident that the Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Galeru Mouse Bungee is quite popular among the gamers due to the great features it has to offer and the handful of negatives can be ignored in comparison.

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