Interested the best keyboard for CS GO?

Okay, so you're looking for the best keyboard for cs go to next level your gaming which means your traditional office keyboard won’t do. What you need to look at out for are the different kinds of switches, durability, extra macro buttons, wired or wireless, and the most optional; LED lighting.

If you’re trying to find the best keyboard for cs go then you need to understand the different parts of a keyboard and how it affects your gaming. This isn’t like 1.6 where you had to move, stop, tap/spray. No. In the most updated versions of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you’re able to crouch spray and even though as annoying it may be, get random frags by moving and shooting at the same time.

That’s only the start.

The biggest difference is the types of keys or switches keyboard have and use. Engineers have designed switches to accommodate the gaming world. Some keys are suited for fps, some for MOBA/MMO and ones that designed for the frequent typing and gaming. They’ve narrowed it down to each genre of games and have made extra macros or better reaction keys.

As a gamer you should be changing from membrane keyboards to mechanical ones. Mechanical keyboards have better response time are 10x more accurate when you using your A-W-S-D keys giving you a competitive edge over people with membrane or office keyboards.

The looks

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The price

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Best keyboard for cs go

Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2









Things to consider

​When you're looking for different gaming keyboards you have to take into account the different aspects like the life-span of the average gaming keyboard, why it makes it more efficient compared to normal office keyboards, the responsiveness of each key, different ports, extra buttons, and the other parts discussed below. As a gamer you might already understand the technical parts but when it comes to gaming itself, it's a whole different story. Our part is to inform you of what you need to up your game.

Different Mechanical Keyboard switches

Okay, so you need a keyboard to up your gaming level which means the traditional keyboard won’t do. While looking for your new gaming keyboard this is one of the most important features you’ll come across. There are different kinds of Cherry MX gaming keys and they’re all represented by different colours. The most popular are -

different coloured switches

Cherry MX Red -

Most popular and optimized for gaming necessities. They act as a linear switch meaning it reacts to the equal pressure from the top of the key to the bottom. In other words, you don’t need to press that hard to use the keys on the switches. Double tapping a key with a Cherry MX red switch will almost be instantaneous since you don’t require as much force to press right down. Also reasonably quite compared to the next switch.

Cherry MX Blue -

Excellent for typing. In comparisons to the MX Red, it’s not as good for gaming because the switches aren’t made as a total-linear switch meaning it doesn’t respond as fast each time you press down on a key. But when it comes to typing, nothing beats the sound or the feel of the tactile clicking of each button. If you’re a frequent typist, then we’d recommend keyboards with MX Blue’s keys. Just note that these keys are the loudest of all the Cherry MX’s.

Cherry MX Brown -

One of the most popular and well balanced keyboards between the Red and the Blue. Response time is better than Blue’s and is also great for the comfort of typing. If you’re an avid gamer as well a constant typist, then this mechanical keyboard is designed for you. Since MX Brown accommodates typing and gaming, the quality is balanced by having softer buttons than Red but is just as comfortable typing with Blue, also not as loud.

Take note

Out of all the different kinds of keyboards with different switches, the best keyboard for cs go has Red or Brown switches since they’re the most responsive for fast movements especially if you’re strafing and/or bhoping with jumpable maps like de_dusts2’s A site and catwalk or de_mirages’s window room to catwalk ledge.


On the scale of 1 to 10, we’d say durability is about a 7. Not the most important but also not the worst. Most keyboards are made to highly durable. But when it comes to gaming, you want the traditional high durability mixed in with fast response with extra ports to support your gaming. But you also don’t want random keys to fly off or come loose.

The average rubber dome keyboard lasts around 5-10 million clicks or hits. When you invest in a new mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches, it has a lifespan of over 50 million hits. The best brands of to look into are Logitech Razer, SteelSeries for decent keyboards.

If you want it to last more than the expected life-cycle of 50+ million clicks, then you should clean it on a regular basis to ensure all the crap is removed from the spaces of the keyboard.

Extra buttons

Having extra buttons can be a life-saver during those panic situations. When it comes to FPS gaming you need to have limited buttons to suit your gaming style.

If you play a multitude of different genre games, then yes having extra keys will help. But for competitive gaming, it’s useless. You need one button for everything in your inventory so your fingers can respond as fast and as accurate to your commands, making lots of buttons ineffective.

Nowadays, most, if not all mechanical keyboards come with extra macro buttons so you can pick and choose which keys to use with your playing style but as we said, unless you’re playing different genre games, then it’s recommended to stick with only a couple of preferred keys.

LED lighting

This one is definitely subjective when it comes to your performance. Some say the extra lights help by giving you a boost in motivation but when it comes down to it, during those tense in-game moments, you won’t even be looking at your keyboard.

The advantage of having a good nice looking keyboard is it’s more aesthetically appeasing and makes you want to use it more. When it comes to playing games, nada advantages.

Wired or Wireless

Personally all my keyboards have been wired because it has a better response time is better and without having the worrying thought of lag time hanging over my head. Too be honest, I hate wires. As technology gets better wireless could soon over take wired. In the case of gaming, I’m not really sure… If you’re deciding on a wireless keyboard, we’d suggest reading the reviews before purchasing the keyboard for extra re-assurance it works as it should.

The mechanical keyboards

Below are the keyboards reviewed based off popularity, the requirements we've mentioned in the above and our top pick for the best keyboard for cs go. We've tried to accommodate for different situations so we added in not just keyboards for gamer's, it's also for people who consistently type, someone with lots of external devices, or people who just likes the aesthetics or their things. Read more about keyboards here.

Razer BlackWideo Chroma V2 Clicky Mechanical Keyboard

Did you know the BlackWidow Chroma has award-winning mechanical switches? Not only does this best keyboard for cs go look good, it’s also highly usable. Razer loves to make their equipment reliable and looks awesome. The backlighting has an approx. 16.8 million customazable color options to choose from. Engineers made this keyboard provide up to 60 million keystrokes. It comes with five extra macro keys, 3.5mm ports for your mic and headphones, and a multiple USB ports for gaming necessities. The bad thing about this keyboard is because of the constant flashing rainbow lights (you can turn off) which can be a distraction for many cs go players.

Best keyboard for cs go

Logitech G710+Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech G710+ comes with Cherry MX Brown switches, made for quietness but also for high speed mobility use. If you’re consistently using your keyboard to type and also play cs go, then this keyboard will suit you. The Cherry MX Brown switches are optimized for quite use with good response time making shoulder/jiggle peeking viable. Along with the USB, headset ports, 6 macro keys, it also comes with a detachable palm rest for extra support if needed. If you play MMO/MOBA/RTS games you’re also able to configure the keyboard for 18 different functions per game. The backlighting on this gaming keyboard is also easily customizable.


CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-I Mechanical Gaming KeybOArd

The CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-I isn’t your normal mechanical keyboard, IT’S MADE WITH CHERRY MX BLUE KEY SWITCHES! It’s a ninja hiding in plain sight. So, what does that mean exactly? Well, compared to the other two this one can be used for office as well as gaming. The design is made to lure people in with the stylish look then BAM, before you know it, 10 hours have gone by and you’re playing cs go.

But in all seriousness the white LED lighting lets you decide the lighting profile depending on what game you want to play. It comes with a micro-USB connector along with a detachable braided cable to provide you, the user with the ease of replacement and reliability.


CM Storm QuickFire Stealth Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

As you may have already figured out, this “CM Storm” also comes with a braided USB cable and comes with the Cherry MX Green switches made for super-fast key response rate. This keyboard is very ergonomically designed (in-case you don’t know what “ergonomics” is; it’s a study of how your working environment interacts with you) with its comfortable integrated steel plate for typing. We should also note that the CM Storm QuickFire Stealth Mechanical Keyboard isn’t only ergonomically friendly it’s also highly durable, elegant, easily portable and made for small workable spaces.


SteelSeries 6Gv2 Mechanical Keyboard 

As much as we cringe at SteelSeries being one of the giants in the gaming industry, their equipment is quite good. The SteelSeries 6Gv2 is very popular keyboard among cs go players. The mechanical keys are inbuild with MX Cherry black switches making it feel different compared to normal gaming keyboards but also a lot louder with each press of a button. This keyboard uses a system to reduce “ghosting” in FPS games. The 6Gv2 is made to be sturdy, durable and responsive with the heavy weight being evenly distributed so it won’t budge while gaming. You can also use your PS/2 and USB connectors for your computer.

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