SINNEDDONUT and AdmiralBulldog Break Up

Streamers, Sinneddonut and AdmiralBulldog breakup according to Sinned’s latest stream on twitch. In her 2 and half hour stream, there are parts where she admits to being single again and “new doors open when others close”. The long time streamers have been together for a good while but recently has been seeming more and more […]

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Dota 2 Farming Tips

So, you’re looking Dota 2 farming tips huh? When it comes to farming on different roles, it’s all about farming efficiency and timing. Knowing the timing for jungle/neutral creep spawn time and dealing with oppositions while laning will help you dramatically increase/decrease your GPM (Gold Per Minute) which impacts your team and game.WHAT YOU’LL LEARN […]

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You’re a gamer wanting the best gaming glasses

IntroductionBest gaming glasses. Gamer glasses, also known as gaming glasses or computer glasses, are a must-have accessory for gamers, writers, coders and anyone else who uses a digital screen for hours on end for work or play. Digital screens, like those found on computers, phones and other digital devices, produce large amounts of blue light. […]

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Best and most comfortable gaming chairs

What To Look For In The Most Comfortable Gaming ChairFor an avid gamer, choosing the best and most comfortable gaming chairs is just as important as the console you use. A good comfortable chair is an integral part of your overall gaming experience. Remember, the chair may last for many years but your spine can […]

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Interested in the best keyboard for Dota 2?

Recently, a reddit sub turned into this raging debate about the best keyboard for dota 2. On one side, there were the pseudo-experts out to trash every theory or suggestion made by some of the guys who live, eat and breathe Dota 2. That includes me by the way.And on the other, a bunch of […]

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Searching for the Best Mouse for Dota 2?

Read this before buying the best mouse for Dota 2. There was a time when people had to study diligently, pass out from a reputed school and then from a university before applying their skills to impress interviewers which ultimately resulted in getting their jobs.But what happens nowadays is that you can work wherever you […]

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CS GO pro config and setup

If you’re looking for professional CS: GO config and setup, then you’ve come to the right place. It took us a while to find the right equipment and settings for certain players but it was worth every second. Each player has their own unique style, some are smooth, some rough and some just weird. The […]

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